Chalk Bags for Stone Age Rock Gym, CT

Stone Age Rock Gym _ May 4th

Big thanks to the climbers and staff of Stone Age Rock Gym in Manchester, CT for bringing KJ Bags into their pro shop!

Stone Age Rock Gym has served the Manchester climbing community for 22 years!  They offer great climbing camps for kids and outdoor climbing experiences.

Now you can find KJ Bags Chalk Bags at Stone Age!  These photos show the second batch of handmade chalk bags sent to their pro shop!

We make our chalk bags by hand from quality materials.  We make our best effort to use upcycled fabrics for the outer shells and interior components of the bags! They are semi-rigid and stand-up on their own.  The pull cords are cut from 2 mm Sterling Rope Accessory Cord; simply put, these cords  will not fray or break on you!

Stone Age Rock Gym _ May 4th


This assortment is fairly typical for a small wholesale order, including: several print fabrics, some patchwork, and a few solids.

We can also accommodate special requests for wholesale orders, just let us know the style(s) you prefer!


If you want KJ Bags Chalk Bags in your local climbing gym or gear shop, Tell Them About Us!

Interested Retailers can contact Kendal via email or phone:



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