New KJ Bags Bouldering Buckets are Here!

Bouldering Buckets

Our new ‘Roll Top’ Bouldering buckets are here!

Owl Bucket

patchwork bucketWestern Bucket

Our large roll-down style chalk buckets stand open for easy use when bouldering, then roll down and clip for compact storage and carrying!


EXTERIOR: durable outer shell. reinforced with a sturdy stabilizing fabric inside, so the bag won’t crumple or tip over easily.

INTERIOR: Unlined (for compact rolling) with expertly finished seams!

CLOSURE: 1 inch sturdy U.S. made Velcro across the full span of the opening for total closure time after time! The roll top and clip design enables you to roll up and clip the bucket for low profile storage/ packing.

DIMENSIONS: 12″ height/ depth x 9″ width x 9″ square bottom.

All materials (including hardware) are sourced from within the US to support KJ Bags philosophy of environmental and social responsibility!

We have a selection available on our Etsy Shop (more to come)! If you have a custom design in mind, contact us!

Flash Dance 80s Chalk Bag

Become the Dance

Become the Dance! We re-purposed a wild shirt from the 80’s and made a sweet throwback custom chalk bag. Look out Jennifer Beals!

We repurposed this #80s shirt for your #throwback #chalkbag pleasure! #climbing #becomethedance

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Custom Orange and Black Chalk Bucket

S. Thomsen Custom

I made this chalk bucket for a local Tampa climber!

S. Thomsen Custom


The exterior shell is made from medium weight canvas!

The bucket holds its rigid shape because the patchwork shell is backed with a durable fabric that is rigid but can be crushed and crumpled and will spring back to shape.

The interior is made from soft micro fiber fleece, the closure cord is made from 2mm Sterling Rope accessory cord!


If you’re interested in a custom chalk bucket just Contact Me and I’ll get back to you with pricing and details!

Custom Order: “Riot” Chalk Bag


I recently received my first custom chalk bag order from Spain!  This funky Paramore/Eminem themed chalk bag is now on its way to Madrid!

This customer made use of the custom order form on and uploaded the images he wanted!





If you’re interested in ordering a custom bag for yourself or someone special simply contact me via FacebookEmail, or the Custom Order Form.


Custom Order: Budweiser Can Chalk Bag


This is a KJ Bags first.

A local climber here in Tampa, FL requested this chalk bag.

I printed the vintage Budweiser label image onto fabric, then fixed it to the white canvas with adhesive and zig-zag stiches!





I’m obligated to mention that this particular bag is not currently for sale, as I don’t wish to violate the Budweiser trademark.

If you have a custom bag in mind, just let me know!

Message me on Facebook, Email me, or submit a Custom Order Form

Custom Order: Hand-Painted OM Chalk Bag


I received this custom order this week from Ohio.  He requested a grey chalk bag with a red OM symbol on the front.

He provided the specific symbol and maroon color via the upload option on the KJ Bags custom order form.

I created a stencil for the OM design he sent over and painted it onto grey Sunbrella canvas that was purchased as scrap from a local sail shop.

Check it out…







So there it is!

If you’re interested in ordering a custom bag for yourself or someone special simply contact me via Facebook, Email, or the Custom Order Form.


Custom Order: Anonymous Mask Chalk Bag


This custom order came from Tasmania, Australia!

For this bag, I printed fabric with the Anonymous mask, then sewed it to the body of the chalk bag shell!




The black body of the bag is made from black cotton, and is backed with sturdy rigid canvas!


The interior is made from grey anti-pill, microfiber fleece.

Dimensions: 7″ x 4.5″ diameter


To order a custom bag for yourself or someone special just contact me!

Custom Order Form

Custom Order: I <3 Sharma Chalk Bucket!


This custom order comes from Tasmania, Australia!

Luckily, the message of this chalk bag is meant ironically…





The lettering was cut out from light-weight white canvas, then (painstakingly) sewn on!  The body of the bag is made from black cotton.  The bottom is made from thick, durable black Sunbrella canvas.  The bucket is backed with rigid stabilizer, so it stands and can’t be easily kicked over.

The interior is made from charcoal color anti-pill microfiber fleece!

Dimensions:  10″ x 10″ x 5″ opening diameter

Custom Order: Sailor Moon Chalk Bag



I received a funky custom order via last week for a Sailor Moon theme chalk bag with pink trim!  I remember this show because it was always on before my favorite morning cartoon (Recess!).  Anyway, here is it!


IMG_1998 IMG_1999 IMG_2002 IMG_2003 IMG_2004

This chalk bag is on its way to San Francisco!

Contact me if you’re interested in a custom chalk bag for yourself or someone special!

Custom Order Form!