Custom Order: Navy Blue Messenger Bag







A co-worker of mine at Vertical Ventures Rock Climbing Gym, Tampa FL, ordered this custom messenger bag.  It’s made from super-durable Sunbrella fabric (marine grade canvas) that we picked up from sail shops here in the Tampa Bay area.


If features a large front pocket on the flap, specifically to fit guide books for rock climbing.  The sides also have loops for clipping climbing chalk, shoes, water bottle, etc.


The interior also has large split pockets.


This bag was sold for $55.


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Custom Order: Cherokee Sacred Colors Messenger




This custom-ordered messenger bag is made from the sacred colors of the Cherokee Nation.

The front flap features the colors arranged into the Cherokee Nation sacred directional symbol.

We made this bag from super-durable Sunbrella fabric (marine grade canvas).  It also features a fully adjustable shoulder strap with a parachute clip (for easy on-off).

The interior features a large split pocket made from brown corduroy.

This bag sold in Land o’ Lakes, FL for $55.

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