Custom Rental Chalk Bag Lines

rental chalk bags

Looking for a rental chalk bag line? KJ Bags offers custom screen printed and/or canvas-work chalk bags branded specifically for your gym. Ensure your rental bags don’t go “wandering off” with your distinct logo and color scheme. Plus, they look good!

Custom Rental Bags for Vertical Ventures - St.Petersburg
Custom Rental Bags for Vertical Ventures – St.Petersburg
Customized Boulderdash Rental Bags
Customized Boulderdash Rental Bags


Custom Patchwork Chalk Bucket

K. Wilson 2

A local Tampa climber (and old friend) ordered this custom chalk bucket this month!  I was super happy to put this color scheme together; and, of course, I’m always happy to make a patchwork bag!

K. Wilson 2

Each of these fabrics is a light weight re-purposed canvas!

K. Wilson 3

The bucket holds its rigid shape because the patchwork shell is backed with a durable fabric that is rigid but can be crushed and crumpled and will spring back to shape.

K. Wilson 4 K.Wilson Custom 1


The interior is made from soft micro fiber fleece, the closure cord is made from 2mm Sterling Rope accessory cord!


If you’re interested in a custom chalk bucket just Contact Me and I’ll get back to you with pricing and details!