New KJ Bags Bouldering Buckets are Here!

Bouldering Buckets

Our new ‘Roll Top’ Bouldering buckets are here!

Owl Bucket

patchwork bucketWestern Bucket

Our large roll-down style chalk buckets stand open for easy use when bouldering, then roll down and clip for compact storage and carrying!


EXTERIOR: durable outer shell. reinforced with a sturdy stabilizing fabric inside, so the bag won’t crumple or tip over easily.

INTERIOR: Unlined (for compact rolling) with expertly finished seams!

CLOSURE: 1 inch sturdy U.S. made Velcro across the full span of the opening for total closure time after time! The roll top and clip design enables you to roll up and clip the bucket for low profile storage/ packing.

DIMENSIONS: 12″ height/ depth x 9″ width x 9″ square bottom.

All materials (including hardware) are sourced from within the US to support KJ Bags philosophy of environmental and social responsibility!

We have a selection available on our Etsy Shop (more to come)! If you have a custom design in mind, contact us!

Custom Orange and Black Chalk Bucket

S. Thomsen Custom

I made this chalk bucket for a local Tampa climber!

S. Thomsen Custom


The exterior shell is made from medium weight canvas!

The bucket holds its rigid shape because the patchwork shell is backed with a durable fabric that is rigid but can be crushed and crumpled and will spring back to shape.

The interior is made from soft micro fiber fleece, the closure cord is made from 2mm Sterling Rope accessory cord!


If you’re interested in a custom chalk bucket just Contact Me and I’ll get back to you with pricing and details!

Custom Order: Navy Blue Messenger Bag







A co-worker of mine at Vertical Ventures Rock Climbing Gym, Tampa FL, ordered this custom messenger bag.  It’s made from super-durable Sunbrella fabric (marine grade canvas) that we picked up from sail shops here in the Tampa Bay area.


If features a large front pocket on the flap, specifically to fit guide books for rock climbing.  The sides also have loops for clipping climbing chalk, shoes, water bottle, etc.


The interior also has large split pockets.


This bag was sold for $55.


Click Here to order yourself a custom messenger bag!