Rasta Chalk Bag
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Chalk Bag Rasta


KJ Bags Rasta Chalk Bag in Canvas. Handmade by climbers for climbers. This chalk bag is one our favorites and most popular styles. Custom variations can be easily made. One Love.

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Product Description

This Rasta chalk bag is made from green, yellow-gold, and red canvas to represent the Rastafarian movement and/or the Ethiopian national colors. We hand cut, measured, and stitched these canvas pieces together to make this simple yet bold bag. The canvas is super durable. One Love.

Exterior: Reinforced with a sturdy stabilizing internal fabric, so the bag doesn’t crumple or tip over easily.

Interior: Soft, micro-fiber fleece!

Closure cord is 2mm Sterling Rope black accessory cord. It will not fray or break.

Grommets are solid brass, they are made to last.

All materials (including hardware) are sourced from within the US to support KJ Bags philosophy of responsibility.

Comes with a KJ Bags made clip-style belt.

Dimensions: 7″ height x 5″ diameter

Handmade in FL. By Climbers for Climbers.

Happy Climbing!


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