KJ Bags is a family owned and operated business, committed to providing climbers and customers with rad, environmentally friendly products. We take pride in crafting unique, upcycled chalk bags and other handmade bags suited for all types of activities. Our durable chalk bags are perfect for your rock climbing adventures whether you are roping up indoors or bouldering outside.

When our team at KJ Bags started this business back in 2005, we knew we wanted to utilize recycled fabrics in our bags. We specialize in patchwork fabric to make interesting designs and truly original one-of-a-kind chalk bags.Years later, we are proud to still craft aesthetically pleasing, durable chalk bags out of recycled products. We source our upcycled fabrics from second hand shops, sailing shops and upholstery stores. Our custom chalk bags (when the customer wants a specific fabric that is only available brand new) are made from  recycled backing material and interior structure for the chalk bag.

In addition to chalk bags, we also offer a number of other products. Our bags and accessories are ideal for pretty much anything. Use a KJ Bags wristlet to carry your essentials in, or tote around your textbooks in one of our messenger bags.

If you are interested in seeing what chalk bags and other products we have available, you can check our stock here on our website or see what we have available on Etsy.

For custom orders, check out our custom chalk bag page.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries, including those for wholesale chalk bag orders at Kendal@kjbags.com.